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Suggest your site to Yahoo

Yahoo provides not only a very powerful business directory but also email, instant messaging, chat rooms, and clubs to their community of users. To get your site listed within one of the hottest directories you are probably going to pay for it. The cost for submitting your site for review by the Yahoo editors is $299 per year. You must also keep in mind that payment does not guarantee that your URL will be listed within the directory. However, it will get your submission in front of the staff of editors for the approval process. A Yahoo listing will drive highly targeted traffic to your web site.


To qualify for the Yahoo Express option you must take the following into consideration. Your site must support older browsers, be in English or have an English version, be up and running 24/7, NO under constructions pages and contains substantively unique content that is not already accessible from within the Yahoo! Directory.

Before submitting your site to Yahoo carefully read the descriptions of the other web sites listed in that category.  You will want to have your own description to follow the same flow. Include a short yet relevant description of what your web site is about, not what your business is about.  A general rule is to have it read short & sweet yet descriptive of your web site.

First, you should review the instructions for submitting to Yahoo:

Could your URL already be listed?

You should always do a search for your URL prior to suggesting it to be listed within the directory. As the URL you have may have been owned by another company in the earlier years. This could result with an incorrect description of the site and business that you are now representing. Simply go to the Yahoo homepage and type in your URL without the beginning section of http://www as this portion is not required. It is very unlikely to find that your URL is already listed but not unheard of.

If you find that the URL is currently listed within the directory, but is incorrect. You can contact them are fill out a Listing Change Request form.

Add your URL to Yahoo

You have a few options to submit your site into the Yahoo business directory. If your site is completely non-commercial then you have a chance of suggesting your site for FREE. Although it is a free options Yahoo cannot guarantee a timely consideration of your site. If you are pushing for a timely review you might want to consider the Yahoo Express option, which is going to cost $299.

If you have a commercial site then your only option is the Yahoo Express paid submissions. Yahoo guarantees that your site will be reviewed within 7 business days. As I mentioned before this does not guarantee that your site will be listed within the directory but it will be put through the review process. It should also be noted that if your business is promoting adult content or services this fee is a bit higher at $600 per year. This is well worth the money for the gain you will receive by being listed within the Yahoo business directory.

Selecting a category for Yahoo

When searching for the correct category and sub category for your site within the Yahoo directory you can simply type in a few keywords from your own site into their search box. You will notice when it delivers your results you have a few tabs to choose from, Web, Images, Directory, Yellow Pages, News, and Products. You should select the Directory tab. You can then reivew the list of categories and sub categories that are the closest match to your word phrase search. Review all of the choices and choose the subtopic that closest resembles your area of business and resembles your web site. Click on "Suggest a Site" in the top right hand corner of the page. This will bring you to the Yahoo Express page which details information on the Yahoo directory requirements. You must review and agree to their terms and include your payment with your submission request.

Suggest your site to Yahoo Now!

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