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How to write a good directory submission

To write a good description for a business directory site you must remember a few key rules that apply to all of the major directory sites.

Search within the directory

First and foremost, always do a search for your site to be sure that the URL does not already exists within the directory. From time to time you might be surprised and find that your site already appears. Volunteer editors within the directories are always adding sites within their own category andy they may have stumbled across your site and added it in themselves. As this has been known to happen, it is not common.

How are the current site descriptions written?

Secondly, do a search using one of your sites keywords. The directory will formulate a number of results. This will allow you to review the current sites that are listed and in which categories. Giving you a general idea of where your own site should be. By reviewing what you see on the page you will get a better sense of how this particular directory wants the descriptions written. You will want to follow the general format of how the other sites listed on that page read. If you submit your information incorrectly or in a sales and marketing kind of way then you might not get accepted. Stay away from verbs that will make you sound like you are throwing a pitch rather then giving a brief and accurate review of the site and business. Keep your description between 10-20 words but do remember to include some of your very important keywords into that small description.

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