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Watch out for Link Farms or Link Exchange programs

As you begin to do your research on submitting your site to directories you will find that many directory sites are not human edited directories but more of a Link Farm or Link Exchange site. If you want to be successfully recognized by the top search engines this will only hurt your site rather then improve it. Be sure to pay special attention to detail when you are submitting your site to business directory sites. If a so called business directory requires a reciprocal link in order to have your site listed, then you can assume it is not a human edited directory but a Link Farm or Link Exchange program. This will not pull a lot of weight in the top search engines. The most important piece to remember is placing your link on a page with relevant content.

As search engines are trying to give their users more relevant results they are now using stricter guidelines for giving sites a low, medium and high ranking. Some key rules to remember is to review the directory guidelines. Most directories follow the same rules however each one may have one or two rules that only apply within their own site. Before you rush into submitting your site you should sit down and review how other sites are listed in their directory. You must suggest your site to the most relevant topic and subtopic as possible. You might find that you can also suggest a sub category which your site is better be suited to be listed within.

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