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Tier 2 Business Directory Sites

After submitting your site to the two most important directories, Yahoo & DMOZ, the next step should be to add your url to other business directories that are much smaller. We have researched thousands of so called directories and have selected the highest quality sites that will be of value to have your web site listed. We call these directories, tier 2 directory sites.

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01 Web Directory
- Free
- $49.00/one time

Accountants Directroy
- Free
- $10.00 Express
- $50.00 Sponsored

AbiLogic Directory General directory.
- Free

- Noncommercial and Nonprofit sites (one-time US $1.00 fee, no refund)
- Commercial sites (one-time US $25.00 fee, refunded if declined)

All The Biz World Business Directory
- Free
- $10.00 Express
- $50.00 Sponsored

Anthony Parsons
- Free
- Sponsored: One time US$19.50 fee for your permanent listing
- Category Sponsor: One time US$39.95 fee for your permanent listing
- Custom Sponsor Advertisement

Best of the Web
- $29.95/year
- $49.95/year for Adult Content

BlueFind Web Directory
- Web Page $49.95/one time fee (reviewed within 2 business days)
- Web Site $49.95/one time fee (reviewed within 2 business days)
- Sponsored Listing $100/one time fee (reviewed within 24 hours. In addition, your entry will display highlighted at the beginning of its category. The payment is a one time fee, and your sponsored listed will auto-expire in 90 days.)

- $19.95/one time fee

Find Hound Directory
- Free
- $10.00 Express
- $50.00 Sponsored

JoeAnt - General directory listing sites by ratings. Uses icons to aid content selection. Founded by former volunteers.
- PAID submission: $39.99/one time fee
- Allows affiliate sites and MLM sites to be listed

Morrison Directory - General Directory

ResultsAbout - A network of sites where visitors can find many targeted topic areas, each one managed by a personal guide.
- PAID submission
- Reading the guidelines for submission is highly recommended.

GoGuides - Started by former editors, maintained and operated by volunteers. Includes an image search and updated news.
- Free submission: No timeframe guaranteed
- PAID submission: $39.99/one time fee | Guarantees your site will be reviewed within two business days.

Gimpsy - Unlike other directories, which categorize sites according to their subject, Gimpsy is concerned first and foremost with the service that a site provides. Gimpsy only covers sites that provide an interactive online service. If a site is only a repository of information, such as a newspaper, it will not be included. Even a store that has a catalogue online, but does not allow users to shop online - it will not be included.
- Free submission: Delay is at least two months
- PAID submission: $40/one time fee | Site reviewed and decision made within 72 hours.
- If accepted, your site will be promoted to a top position, ranking above sites submitted for free, for 90 days.

Smaller Bizz Directory
- Free
- $10.00 Express
- $50.00 Sponsore

- Free
- $19.95 Yearly

TYGO Directory
- Free
- $19.95 Express

Wow Directory General directory
- Free
- $20 Express
- $40 Sponsored

Zeal - A community component of the LookSmart directory and allows users to share information about their favorite subjects.
- Free submission: You must become a registered user to submit your site.

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