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Submit your site to Yahoo and DMOZ

If you only take the time and money to submit your URL to a few select business directory sites then we suggest that you submit it these.  The following directories are the most respected directories of the web. Directory submissions are the key to getting your web site listed in search engines.

Yahoo using DMOZ for better results
Yahoo is now utilizing the Open Directory Project (ODP) to improve the user experience. You will now notice that the ODP title, description and category meta data is used to enhance the relevant search results.
The new Yahoo is restorting back to old school system. With this new system in place it is even more important to have your site listed in the Open Directory Project (DMOZ).
Learn more at Search Engine Journal - Search Engine Marketing News


Open Directory Project (DMOZ) - The most comprehensive human-reviewed directory on the web.
- FREE submission: Suggest URL
- Review their Help Center
- Our tips to add your URL to DMOZ

Yahoo - The first large scale directory of the Internet. A major portal offering free email, chat rooms, and more.
- $299 submission [per URL]: Suggest your URL
- Review their Instructions
- Our tips to add your URL to Yahoo

Best of the Web - This directory has been around for years. BOTW's Directory format delivers targeted relevant topical categories.
- $29.95
- $49.95 for Adult site
- Reseller Program earn a 25% Recurring Commission for each URL Submitted

We Build Pages can submit your site to Yahoo and to DMOZ.

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