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Industry Specific Directories

If your business is industry specific then you will also want to consider a few additional business directory sites that are focused only on your industry. This is a valuable place to submit your site as the search engine will definitely see this area as a relevant neighborhood of sites.

How to find topic specific directories

Now you are probably asking yourself "How do I find these directories?" You can start off at the major business directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo by typing into the search box "directories" or using your industries word such as "healthcare directory" and this will bring up several results as well as other sub categories for you to click on that might be more specific to what you are really searching for. Click on the topic closest to the nature of your business.
Wwhen it comes to industry specific directories they might also organize their listing of sites geographically rather then alphabetically or by topic. This allows users of their site to locate people by regions or states easily.

Searching for mini directories

You can also find what we call, mini directories, which are individually owned sites that offer a resource section within their web site. You should only try to request that your site be listed if their main web site is relevant to the topic of your web site.

To locate these mini directories, go to any or all of the search engines. Enter a mixture of word variations, such as add url + keyword, suggest url + keyword, submit a site + keyword and so on. The results will show pages that are currently allowing for a site to be considered for a listing on their site. Before you actually send your request, check to be sure that it is a related topic to your web site. If it is, then you should try to exchange links with that web site. This process can be very time consuming, so be sure to keep track of all your request and check back at a later time to varify that your URL has been added to the site.

We have found Relevant Advertising to offer a large selection of specific topics for your review. In our experience with them, you simply review the category options and find the best category for your site to be listed. Send an email request including the code id and your web site information and they respond with a suggested exchange that makes the most sense for both sites.

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