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Seeking Relevant Quality Link Locations?

Directory Pages is now running a linking campaign for a limited time to help out our own site and any interested parties. We have access to hundreds of "quality" sites and are willing to make an exchange with you to provide one way links. If you are seeking high quality and relevant links to your site(s) and have a good quality inventory of pages where you are willing to link out from (non-reciprocal) then our free service can help you out.

We are working with over 200 quality sites covering over 40,000 pages from real sites that are all on different C Class IP Blocks. Some of our topics include:

Insurance, Health, Prescriptions, Weight Loss, Webmaster Topics, Website Hosting, Real Estate, Sports, Home & Garden, Logos, SEO, Computers, Outdoor, Travel, Finance, Gambling, Shopping, Auto, Educational, Beauty and many more...

How can you get links?
To obtain links to your site is simple! Just send us an email and we will respond with a one way link request for you. Our request usually ranges in obtaining from 1-50 links for your site (depending on our relevance of the available inventory).

Once we have secured our first link trade with you we will keep your site in mind for future trades as we come across related sites to yours. The more people that fill out the form, the more relevant links we can find for you in the future. Please refer us to others so that we can continue to build a large network of good quality sites.

You must include the following for your request:

Subject Line: Seeking More Links!
Your Name
Valid Email Address
URL of the site(s) or page(s) that you are seeking links for
URL of sites and/or pages that you are willing to give links from (can not be a spammy link farm type of page)

We look forward to helping you get good quality links!


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