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How to Submit to Best of the Web Directory

Best of the Web Directory has been around since 1994 as a human edited directory!

Guidelines for How to Submit your site to Best of the Web Directory

It's HIGHLY recommended that you read and understand the BOTW guidelines in their entirety before you think about submitting your site.

Minimum Site Criteria

All web sites submitted to BOTW Directory must meet the following minimum criteria:
The site must be up and running 24/7
The site must not already appear in the Directory
The site must contain unique content, as determined by a BOTW editor
The site must not contain any parts under construction
The site must clearly define its purpose, products, and/or services
All links on the site must work
The site must be in the English language (or have an English version available)
The site must support multiple browsers and capabilities
The site must not contain any content, products, services or other information that may be illegal to sell under any applicable law, that may infringe or violate anyone's rights, or that, BOTW believes, in its sole discretion, is offensive.

Selecting a Category

Best of the Web Directory has many categories and you need to determine the best category for your site. You should review what types of sites are already listed and see if they are similar to yours...if not you might be in the wrong category and should continue searching. If they are similar to your then you have found your location and need to submit.

Arts Business Computers
Games Health Home
Kids &Teens News Recreation
Reference Regional Science
Society SportsShopping

Submit to Best of the Web Directory

Before you start working together it is a good idea to review the BOTW Terms of Service to be clear on how everything works.

Read the details on How to Submit to Best of the Web Directory to ensure a better chance in getting your site listed.

How Much Does it Cost?

Best of the Web had two pricing options based on what type of site you have. Go here to review the Submit Service Cost so that you know what fees you will charged and how often.


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